Lotus Wood Pant Hangers - Matte Gray

Add a touch of elegance to your closets with these Lotus Wood Pant Hangers. These solid lotus wood trouser with clips are perfect for hanging and organizing pants and skirts in any closet. These Lotus Wood Pant Hangers feature a matte gray finish dipped in special non-slip solution to prevent any sort of slip and creases to your clothes. A matte chrome swivel hook adds the finishing touch to these stylish Lotus Wood Pant Hangers and non-slip features to keep your pant/skirt at a tight grip.

Lotus Wood Pant Hanger Features

  • 100% Pure Lotus Wood
  • Available in a set of 3 to give you plenty of hangers
  • Dipped in non-slip solution to prevent any creases and slips to your clothes
  • Metal clamp lock keeps your pants firmly in place
  • Designed to keep a fresh seam in your pants, allowing you to take your pants off the hanger without worrying about creases
  • Constructed from solid lotus wood for a durable way to hang pants
  • Product Dimensions: 16"L x 7"H x 0.5"T
  • Color: Matte Gray 


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