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3 - Pack of Cedar Hooks

Neatfreak is an environmentally friendly family of cedar products. We recognized the need to move away from harmful chemicals and utilize the pleasant fresh cedar essence for a moth deterrence solution. You will want to pick up enough Cedar to use on hangers and place in and around your favorite clothing, linens and bedding for short and long term storage. How nice to walk into your closet or open your dresser drawer and breathe in that all-natural cedar smell. For centuries, cedar has been used to freshen and protect clothing. Your grandmother knew all about the benefits of aromatic cedar when she stored her treasures and heirlooms in her trusted cedar chest. Bring the outdoors inside! 

  • 3 individual aromatic red cedar hooks
  • Use in your drawers, closets, wardrobes
  • Ideal when storing away clothing for a natural protection to deter moths
  • Use with Neatfreak vacuum bags and place between clothing, sheets and linens
  • All natural, environmentally friendly, no harmful chemicals
  • Pick up enough to place between and around all folded and stored clothing, bedding and linens
  • Quickly restore cedar scent with a quick rub with sandpaper and wipe


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