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clothes hanger
Large Vacuum Flat Bags, Set of 2

Large Vacuum Flat Bags, Set of 2

These large vacuum bags from neatfreak are a brilliant solution to help you stay organized!

• neatbags vacuum bags are ideal for storing, organizing and protecting your garments
• Perfect for storing seasonal clothing, pillows, bedding, blankets, patio cushions and more!
• Easy-to-pack-and-load cube shape
• Save up to 75% in storage space
• Protects contents from water, mildew, door, insects and dust
• Airtight, reusable and water proof
• Re-suction vacuum bags every four to six months to ensure compression is maintained
• How to use neatfreak, neatbags vacuum bags: 1. fold items to allow full storage capabilities; do not overfill
and leave enough room to close the zipper; 2. press the slider firmly and then run slider two times back and forth to create a tight seal; 3. open the cap; fit the hose of any vacuum over the valve and remove air; 4. close the cap and store!
• Innovative rounded zipper seal that stops slider from sliding off bag



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