About us

As humans, most of us are configured in a way to keep our surroundings neat, clean, and organized. Now, being neat and organized means different things to different people. To some of us, this is about just getting rid of the mess in front of our eyes, to others it's doing daily chores just for the sake of it, so that you can move easily in your life.

Closet Spice, truly and deeply believes a well-organized home and surrounding makes us enjoy our life at the fullest. It heightens our emotions, the moment you feel your in a neat place. We feel, some things are just too hard to explain.

Closet Spice was created to offer our customers innovative, high quality and functional organizational products. With increasingly smaller spaces, we offer space-saving solutions that help keep your space free of clutter. 

Whether you are looking to de-clutter, organize or simplify, we have a wide variety of products for every closet in the house, from hangers to clothing care and to clothing racks.

Come visit us from your house, so we can help you add little extra to your closet!



Story first

Ankur & Shubi were living in a single bedroom apartment with just 1 closet.

And, now you know why we got started in this specific niche market of closet.

We wanted to have more control over our daily routine and to have something visually appealing - so we started with just clothes hangers.

Today, Closet Spice is one of the recognized brand across Canada 🇨🇦

our drive

Our drive to become the closet brand for Canada ignited our inner power to bring harmony, consistency and organization to our customer's home.

And, this all began from our that closet & our living/office/packaging/storage room 😅



the quality

Canada, itself is considered one of the countries that inspires and requires high quality life.

The customer service itself is needed to be of high quality in order to have loyal customers.

And, so with this realization, we never thought that we might aspire to those promises.

what we offer

Ever since 2015, we were one of the few brands that introduced the "Tiered hangers" to utilize the much wasted vertical space.

We all have that vertical space that does not get utilized and through our innovative products, we were able to get hold of the actual space available in your closet.

See below our innovated Vertical Tiered Hangers 👇

detachable tiered chrome hangers

detachable Tiered blouse Hangers

Our latest & brightest "Detachable" tiered blouse hangers

detachable Tiered Pant Hangers

Our latest & brightest "Detachable" tiered pant hangers


Our latest & brightest "Detachable" tiered suit hangers