First Business Trip - Chicago

Closet Spice, first business trip was to the "International Housewares Show" which was in Chicago, Illinois, USA. 

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First of all, Chicago... Oh my god, were we shocked by its beauty. We believe it is one of the most beautiful city on earth. A perfect blend of Europe & New York. Chicago host everything from great food and shopping experience to great cinema theatres. Also, let's not forget about the shooting of "Superman vs Batman". Geez, was that an amazing movie. Let's leave the critics out for now.

Now, let's talk about International Housewares Show.

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"The International Home + Housewares Show features more than 2,100 exhibitors from over 40 countries and more than 62,000 total attendees from over 125 countries. The Show brings buyers and sellers together to create the home + housewares industry's key marketplace".

We also had the pleasure to meet "Kevin Harrington", one of the finest entrepreneur, who is the king of info commercials. We noted down some great ideas after listening to him, and will very soon execute them. 

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It was a spectacular exhibition, turned out to be very fruitful for Closet Spice. We found amazing products to add in to our collection. And, we are very excited for one of the product that we picked. Small hint... "Rose Gold" Yes this lovely colour is everywhere you go. It's a very smooth colour with amazing finish to show its minimalism. We can't wait to publish this product. Below is an image where one of our founder is searching in her hair where to go for the hunt:

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Well, our trip didn't just end up being a business trip. We all did get carried away and had some fun on the side. Check out below for some amazing images of beautiful Chicago.

Clothes HangersClothes HangersClothes HangersClothes HangersClothes Hangers


Oh last but not least, do not forget about "The Cheesecake Factory". It has the world's best bakery.

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We loved the "Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake".

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*Please note all the above images have been used for the purpose of Closet Spice's Blog. If you would like to use it, kindly request for a permission.

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