7 Things Every Human Being Has in the Closet

We have been doing a lot of research in the world of closets. Asked a lot of questions about closets to many of our friends. Mostly didn't care about their closets, just worried about their clothes. But after the session, each and everyone felt that they should pay attention to their closet.

We asked questions like:

  1. Do you know why your clothes have crease(s) even after being hung in closet?
  2. Do you think it would be easy to get clothes from your hangers or from the pile of clothes?
  3. How would you prefer having your closet, Organized or Meh?
  4. Did you ever think about the amount of time you have spent finding a particular top, jeans or a sweater? Imagine if they were hung on a hanger & clearly visible line by line!
  5. On an average, how many types of clothes you have in your closet? 

These are just basic questions we asked and provided some of our insights for the needs.

Okay, so here's a breakdown of what every average human being has in their closet for daily purposes.

 Men Women Our Products
Suits, Tuxedo, etc Coats, Blazers, etc Clothes Hangers, Metal Hangers
Shirts, Tee Shirts, etc Dress, Blouse, etc Clothes Hangers, Metal HangersClothes Hangers, Velvet Hangers
Pants, Jeans, etc. Pants, Jeans, etc Clothes Hangers, Metal Hangers
Sweaters, Jackets, etc Sweaters, Jackets, etc Clothes Hangers, Wood Hangers
Belts Belts Clothes Hangers, Metal Hangers
Ties Ties Clothes Hangers, Metal Hangers
Scarves Scarves Clothes Hangers, Rose Gold Hangers, Rose Gold


Sure, there are many people who have much more than this, but on an average this is what you will find in everyone's closet (Let me know in the comment, if I missed any basics).

Here at Closet Spice, we know what are the basics, that's why we offer our fine quality clothes hangers & accessories to every basic needs. Our 5 collections: "Rose Gold Hangers" "Wood Hangers", "Metal Hangers", "Plastic Hangers" and "Velvet Hangers" provide solutions to each of the basics mentioned above.


Clothes Hangers, Metal Hangers, Wood Hangers, Plastic Hangers

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