How to choose your perfect Hanger?

With a mind boggling variety of clothes hangers available to choose from, it becomes difficult to decide what might work for you. We at Closet Spice pride ourselves to be “experts” when it comes to hangers and closet organizing.  We have put together a guide to help you decide what material will cater to your individual needs.


Wood hangers add a touch of timeless sophistication to your closet. They come with metal hooks for greater flexibility and functionality in the closet. Wooden hangers are a luxurious addition to any wardrobe. These are best suited for heavy clothing items as the material is very durable, so you know the hangers won't break or become misshapen under the weight of warm coats and will not affect the shape of your cozy knits. Ideally, the hangers will flare out toward the end to maintain the shape of the shoulders of jackets and blazers.

Lumber: Closet Spice offers strong wooden hangers with non-slip notches on the arms with swivel neck hook. These are available in natural finish as well as black color.

Plastic tubular hanger

Plastic tubular hangers are Ideal for hanging light to moderate weight garments.  These work reasonably well for blouses, shirts, and simple dresses. They are a durable and Cost-effective way to add uniformity to your closet.

Bubble style: Closet Spice offer plastic tubular hanger made of flexible and strong polystyrene with specially designed bubble marks within the hanger.


The velvet surface provides friction for a non-slip grip to your clothes to prevent clothes from slipping. Velvet hangers, in which the body of the hanger is covered in velvet (or velvet like material), are also great for hanging delicate items. All over anti-slip material reduces pressure points on the clothes which elongates the life of your clothes.

Velvet: Closet Spice offers Velvet hangers with ultra slim profile to save space. The indentations on the arms are ideal for any clothing with thin straps

Foam Coated Metal

Foam coated metal hanger provide the best of both worlds. They offer the durability and polished look of metal hanger clubbed with the anti-slip properties of velvet Hangers. These are suitable for all kinds of fabrics in your closet and a must-have for a clean minimalistic look.

Mr. and Mrs. Chrome: Closet Spice offers a wide variety of foam coated hangers to cater to a wide variety of clothes. It is available in a timeless color combination of silver and black for a monochromatic look.


Metal hangers are Ideal for use in offices, the front of house areas or for retail display. It is a space saver due to its sleek design and gives a clean polished look. It is better suited for light weight fabrics.

rose gold hangers

Rose Gold : Closet Spice offers metal hangers in a chic Rose gold finish to add an extra touch of elegance.



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