College Dorm Rooms

Clothes Hanger

    All dorm rooms have one thing in common. There's never enough space!
    In order to create the space in a dorm room, you have to break it down into various sections such as:

      Moving into your dorm is always exciting in our lives. But it can sometimes be difficult  to know where to start when it comes to packing and moving into your new dorm. Here are a few quick tips to help before, during and after your move!

      Before Moving To Your New Dorm

      • Get all the dorm information from your College.
      • Request for a checklist. Most schools have it! If not use ours, it will smooth out your transition.
      • Get the size of the room, closet, & bathroom.
      • If possible, get the measurements of the closet you’re going to have (the school website will often provide the dimensions).
      • Over the weeks leading up to moving, you can add clothing to the known closet that you know you’ll have. Then, when you move in, you’ll know that you have exactly the right amount of hanging clothes. Plus, it gives you time to think about what you want to bring!

      The BIG Day - Move-in Day

      You're all set & ready to live your college life. You have everything in your car, reached the college and now the UNLOADING begins. The only problem, How will your carry all of your stuff the dorm?

      Get a folding dolly! It doesn't take a lot of space, you can use it when you go shopping too. Schools will most likely provide moving bins but they will be in high demand and very low supply, needless to say very few people will be able to use them during their move in and be forced to take one box at a time. 

      The Settling Time

      Make sure you have unpacked everything you brought. Chances are, you’ll be so tired once you move in that unpacked bags and boxes will sit exactly where they are for months and months. It’s hard to say but you just need to unpack it all – then you can have time for the fun decorative stuff at your leisure. 

      Below are the available items that you can buy from Closet Spice for your College:

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