8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Hangers Online

There used to be a time when hangers were only accessible in retail stores. You’d have to book an evening of your time with family, run over to the store, try on only a few types of hangers, and whether you were satisfied or not, buy relatively expensive hangers. Often you’d be left paying between $10 and $15 for a pack of 8 which you’ll keep for few months because of their unqualified quality. Add a five-piece family and you’re looking at well over $75.

What if there was a safe, secure, and inexpensive way to resolve this issue? 
Keep reading and find out the top 7 reasons why you should be buying your hangers online.

1. For US customers, Save 30%, thanks to the conversion rate these days!

Comparing the Canadian dollar against US dollar, US customers are in a definitely better situation regardless with sales or not. US customers are saving 30% + extra % off from leading online hanger retailers.

2. You’ll save up to extra 70% on clothes hangers & No Sales Tax!

How are online hangers retailers able to offer the exact same styles, brands, better quality, and better service as compared to retail stores with 70% of the cost? What’s the trick?

It’s simple. Leading online hangers retailers cut out the middleman by having their own in-house manufacturing, so all the costs for internal shipping, production and resources are saved.

And, online stores don’t pay retail rent, so you don’t have to either.

3. Trust us on this: You can expect better top quality.
Buying hangers online from a leading hangers supplier will provide the exact same quality, options, functions and more features. This also includes high-quality velvet touch to our VELVET COLLECTION, non-slip foam grip on our CHROME COLLECTION, durability and stability on our recyclable PLASTIC HANGERS, and our FSC approved WOODEN HANGERS.
closet spice clothes hangers
Leading online retailers offer a high quality product with a risk-free shopping experience.


4. Online retailers don’t work on commission.

Shopping for hangers online has become more convenient than ever. You can virtually try on as many hangers as you want with the help of our lifestyle images and deliberate for as long as you need, all within the comfort of your own home. No need to make small talk with persistent sales clerks or feel self-conscious in front of a mirror. You also don’t need to worry that you are being “upsold,” since online stores don’t work off commission.



5. Bigger selection online.

Leading online hangers stores can showcase over 60 products to help you get organized on a single site from classic plastic styles to top fabric hanging storage — a number unmatched by “Brick and Mortar” retailers.

Keep in mind quality can vary! If you are not purchasing from a leading online site, you will find hangers for around starting with $3 each. This is unusual, as it hardly covers the cost of materials. In this case, quality will most likely be affected.

Online hangers retailers is a closet lover’s dream come true.









6. You can see them through our lifestyle images:

Leading online sites with lifestyle images will give you a better idea of how your closet would look. Some sites also have virtual organizers that will have live chat and discuss with you to find what you are looking for.



7. You’ll have spectacular & reliable customer service.

The top online retailers will have a customer service team available by chat or phone, to solve any issue you experience before, during or after purchase.

It’s recommended to check reviews & see what other customers are saying about the company.  

8. Shopping for hangers online is safe, secure and fast.

Most online retailers use a safe and secure checkout process. How can you tell if the checkout is secure? Look for a lock icon or HTTPS in the upper left-hand corner of the search bar. Today, customers expect a secure checkout process, 365-day warranty, lowest price guarantee, and free returns.

Not to mention you’ll receive your hangers faster than many offline stores! Hanger's ship within days and in many cases shipping is free.

So if you’re thinking about getting hangers, go online.  It’s just a click away.


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