Get Rid of the Clutter, Before it Hurts You

We all have clutter in our life in some way. Most of us avoid going near clutter because of the overwhelming mess and we end up not knowing where to begin to get rid of the mess. In the process, we end up hurting our inner self.

Stress Creator

Stress is on the top list of tolls that gets added. Few examples we can list are:

  • It is an embarrassment when one of your friend pops up and starts judging you after seeing the mess.
  • Constant reminder to "Clean the Mess" when looking at the mess
  • The space that is occupied by the mess, will not be used at its potential and limit you to execute your task.
  • You must have heard of the negative vibes coming out of clutter, well it's true and we feel our positive vibes getting drained.

Running Out of Clock

When you live in the clutter, you eventually end up wasting time. You might think, how it that possible? Well, in case you lost something (Key or a phone), you will spend extra minutes to look below the mess instead of just a glance. Now if you multiply this with 365 days. Boom 365 minutes (Let's say), that is an equivalent to 6 hours in an year. Plain Wasted...

Clutter-Free IRL (In Real Life)

If you think, we are saying being 100% clutter-free is the deal, then you are taking us completely in the wrong way. It is difficult to be 100% clutter-free. Let's take parents with small kids, it's unreal to maintain a perfect home in every moment of the day.

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As long as the clutter doesn't affect you and others in any manner, then that clutter can be acceptable for that moment. You don't want to add stress of being clutter-free in your head. Next thing you know, you find yourself nagging or putting strain on others for the little mess they make.

So find yourself and evaluate what is Clutter-Free in your house in respect to yourself and other.

Few tips from us on where you can draw that line:

  • Drop In - If someone drop-in the next 20 minutes, would you be able to get rid of that mess in 20 minutes? Can you be ready? If yes, then draw the line of having clutter which can be removed within minutes
  • Lost & Found - Is If you loose something, can you find it within minutes in respect of having clutter. The moment you feel, because of clutter, it delayed you. Draw the line

Below is not how you want your house to look!

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Get Rid of the Clutter

Few basic steps that work well:

  1. Pull out boxes and go in each room. Create "Things to Donate", "Throw Away", "Emotionally Attached" and whatever else you can think of.
  2. Create areas with logic around it. For example, keys near the door, remote near the TV, to-do list near kitchen, tool box near garage
  3. Always, clean the room you started before moving to the next one.

Organize What’s Left

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Create Beautiful Spaces

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Create Positive Chi


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  • Create a Daily Schedule - Work 10 mins a day
  • The 30-second rule. if it takes 30 seconds or less to complete a task, do it immediately. For example: putting away your shoes, sorting mail, and more
  • Put your things away. Taking something out/off, put it back when you are done.
  • Recycle the junk mail. If you can't stop it, throw it in the blue bin right away.

More Tips

  • If you bought something, throw away something else
  • Adopt the method of 10 minute cleaning, daily
  • Once a week, do a deep cleaning (Maybe Sundays)
  • Live like you love a cleaned house and deeply appreciate it you’ll automatically be more likely to maintain it.

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